Companies especially IT and finance have the unique management system to ensure effective work operations. Such organizations require design framework for high-security management. They may face severe cyber-attacks or system failures during their crucial working leading to financial losses. The management system should prepare counter measures for such incidents which may create a negative impact. ISO has a defined a standard for Business continuity management system known as ISO 22301.

ISO 22301 is a societal security standard required for security from disruptive incidents. This standard was published in the year 2012 and is the only effective standard for organizations business continuity management. This standard is utilized when any company faces major security disaster like external server attacks or failure of power systems. ISO 22301 includes disaster recovery through the proper application of measurable functions. Post to any disruptive incident, an organization can recover from its effects by application of this standard in less time and efforts. Even in a complete failure of major section an implementation of this standard can bring all the functions back to normal in an effective way.

The ISO 22301 standard has major process elements which can be utilized for continuity of work operations post-disaster. They are Purpose of the project

Preparing for the budget

Conducting awareness of the employees

Required documentation

Explaining responsibilities to each employee

Effective internal and external communication

Assessment of the risks involved

Analysis of the processor functions

Deciding continuity strategies

Conducting reviews


Going for certification

Organizations need to train their employees before implementing ISO 22301 standard. There are accredited bodies which provide training and certification in ISO 22301 for the organizations. Prior to training, there should be aware of this standard towards the employees so that they will be prepared for the process. The work responsibilities of employees should be well defined and understood. There should be adequate communication between employees and employer so that the process flow is flawless. After training the ISO 22301 lead auditor will audit the management system and approve a certificate of compliance. Companies certified with this standard are prepared for any disruptive incident in any situation. The processes involved in the standard are convenient to apply in the management system. The training and certification process can be completed in required time. ISO 22301 consultants ( are available to provide brief information on the standard processes. Organizations ready to comply with this standard can hire these consultants. The certificate once processed need to be revised after five years. Any type of company can achieve this certification regardless of its size or nature of working.

There are several advantages of implementing ISO 22301 standard. The major benefits are

1. The recovery rate from the potential disruptive incidents is quite high which in turn helps an organization to continue their operations adequately.

2. Hazardous security risks and failures can be identified and analyzed in time.

3. This standard provides a detailed strategy for preparation against disasters in less time.

4. ISO 22301 provides low-cost effective solutions for disaster and security management

5. An organization can apply business continuity management process as regulated by governance by complying with this standard.

6. Several initial costs like insurance costs, security costs, and business failure costs can be reduced to a great extent.

7. Implementing this standard ensures improvement in customer relationship and trust built among them.

8. Uninterrupted business operations lead to increase overall performance and efficiency of the organization.

9. ISO 22301 certified organizations tend to achieve a great level of reputation and financial stability in the global market

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